Windy Days Pose Challenges, Gorgeous Images

In the Pacific Northwest you never know what the weather will bring.  It could be pouring rain one minute, sunny and beautiful the next.  Or it might be nasty in Bothell but lovely in Seattle.  So, as a photographer you just need to roll with what Mother Nature gives you at that moment.  That includes the occasional windy day!

Recently I met with Sophia.  She is an outstanding high school softball player and has been awarded a scholarship to play for Loyola University in Chicago starting in the fall.  Needless to say, as a high school senior and star softball player, her days are full with little time left for a photoshoot.  So, we fit her in where we could and crossed fingers the weather would cooperate.

We started at her home softball field in Kenmore where we were lucky to be greeted with a little sunshine after a morning full of rain showers!  We captured Sophia’s love for the game of softball, such a huge part of her life.  Then, we moved to the Kirkland waterfront which, of course, was WINDY!!  It meant making sure Sophia and her long, beautiful hair wasn’t always flying in her face!  Sophia was such a sport, moving from spot to spot and even getting in the water for a few quick shots.  I’m hoping her goosebumps have disappeared by now – it wasn’t the warmest day of the year!!  But we were able to capture several sides of Sophia’s personality which was our goal.  Athletic and sporty, elegant and playful, intelligent and thoughtful.  I just love these photoshoots!  A little challenging but so worth it in the end –

Growing and Expanding!

2013 Janie Reid-51 edit copy               As most of you know, I’ve been photographing high school seniors and their families for the past several years.  I love working with these young adults.  Their energy and positive outlook for all future possibilities is infectious!  I always walk away from these shoots with a huge smile on my face!

Baby Hannah 18And, although the title of this latest entry could refer to my waistline, it’s actually a reference to my latest endeavor –  photographing the newest members of our world, newborn babies!  After all, they also put a huge smile on my face!!  Working with expectant parents is a joy all in it’s own and meeting their newest additions is amazing.  I’m hoping to meet many more of them in the coming months!