Sound of Music Fan


Salzburg, Austria


Last week, like many people around the country, I was all giddy waiting for Diane Sawyer’s interview with Julie Andrews discussing the making of the movie The Sound of Music.  I’ve always enjoyed the movie but in October of 2013 my husband and I had the pleasure of touring parts of Europe where this beloved movie was filmed.  Ever since, I’ve had a renewed appreciation for it.  Watching Julie Andrews and the children skip around the fountain in the Salzburg Gardens, marching around the “little people” statues in another area of the gardens, then Julie hitting that beautiful high note as they all excited the gardens through the iron gates just brought back so many great memories of our trip.

Although we saw the magnificent alps depicted in the movie, we learned that the true Von Trapp family never escaped Austria by climbing those high mountains.  They actually took the train!  We also viewed the gorgeous home, now a school of all things, used in the film as the Von Trapp home.  It sits on the most gorgeous river which, many recall, Julie and the children boated on.  They also fell into it which looked very cold!  And my husband and I shared our own “romantic moment” in front of the famous gazebo right before we headed off to see the gorgeous church the Von Trapp’s were married in.

So, for Mother’s Day I am requesting the 50th Anniversary DVD of The Sound of Music so I can relive these moments over and over again!  And,thanks to my dear husband for indulging me!