Pregnancy and Canine Kids

For those of you who are moms or dads to a four legged baby (or two!), you’ll understand the bond we share with our furry babies.  They love us unconditionally and I tend to love mine back just the same.  So he makes a mess when chewing up a new toy or digs up a newly planted flower because he thought his ball was hiding under there.  I find my “puppy” to be entertaining, loving and a great friend.  So when I get a call to photograph a family with EVERYONE  included – two legged AND four legged – I am thrilled!


So, when Korey and Elynne called for a maternity shoot I was so excited to see Clifford, a two year old Boston Terrier, would be included in our shoot.  Clifford has been the center of attention at home but will soon have a human baby brother and will have to share the attention.  I don’t think he’s particularly happy about it but I think he’ll be a great big brother.


Korey and Elynne were game to capture this moment in time before their new baby is born.  Clifford was more interested in the treats we were using to bribe him to pose for me!  I’m excited to meet his new baby next month and hope that Clifford is as excited to meet him as the rest of us!