Family Photos and Young Children

Children amaze me.  Their energy, sometimes their shyness but always their curiosity about the simplest things in life.  And how proud they can be over all their accomplishments in their young lives.

I recently met the most delightful family.  The children were rather young – just 6 and 3 – so I was prepared for a very quick shoot.  We had a lovely Autumn day and my young subjects were playful, super polite and adorable.  We walked all over the Botanical Gardens finding bugs, leaves, soft mossy beds and even a “troll’s house” – well, that’s what I call it at least.  We were playing for over an hour.  I was happily surprised at how many opportunities I had to take this lovely family’s photo and even happier with the final results.

As I picked up the final images from my printer I had to brag a bit about how great these kids were.  I was gently reminded that behind every great kid is a great parent.  True statement!!

Stewart Family Blog Collage