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So, I NEVER thought I’d say this but I LOVE WEDDING PHOTOGRAPHY!!!!

Meeting a couple for the first time for the engagement shots and learning all about them as individuals and as a couple is an absolute joy.  And each wedding is so unique with so many opportunities to capture each couples’ own individual stories.  Don’t put it past me to lay on the ground or shoot through a champagne glass to capture that unique or fun shot.  My husband, Steve, joins me on these adventures capturing even more candid angles when no one’s looking making for a collection of formal, fun and spontaneous shots from beginning to end.

If you are recently engaged or know someone recently engaged let’s chat!  I might have a quirky style but it just might be what you’re looking for in your wedding photographer!

These shots are just a few from Alisha and Emily’s wedding.


Windy Days Pose Challenges, Gorgeous Images

In the Pacific Northwest you never know what the weather will bring.  It could be pouring rain one minute, sunny and beautiful the next.  Or it might be nasty in Bothell but lovely in Seattle.  So, as a photographer you just need to roll with what Mother Nature gives you at that moment.  That includes the occasional windy day!

Recently I met with Sophia.  She is an outstanding high school softball player and has been awarded a scholarship to play for Loyola University in Chicago starting in the fall.  Needless to say, as a high school senior and star softball player, her days are full with little time left for a photoshoot.  So, we fit her in where we could and crossed fingers the weather would cooperate.

We started at her home softball field in Kenmore where we were lucky to be greeted with a little sunshine after a morning full of rain showers!  We captured Sophia’s love for the game of softball, such a huge part of her life.  Then, we moved to the Kirkland waterfront which, of course, was WINDY!!  It meant making sure Sophia and her long, beautiful hair wasn’t always flying in her face!  Sophia was such a sport, moving from spot to spot and even getting in the water for a few quick shots.  I’m hoping her goosebumps have disappeared by now – it wasn’t the warmest day of the year!!  But we were able to capture several sides of Sophia’s personality which was our goal.  Athletic and sporty, elegant and playful, intelligent and thoughtful.  I just love these photoshoots!  A little challenging but so worth it in the end –

Family Photos and Young Children

Children amaze me.  Their energy, sometimes their shyness but always their curiosity about the simplest things in life.  And how proud they can be over all their accomplishments in their young lives.

I recently met the most delightful family.  The children were rather young – just 6 and 3 – so I was prepared for a very quick shoot.  We had a lovely Autumn day and my young subjects were playful, super polite and adorable.  We walked all over the Botanical Gardens finding bugs, leaves, soft mossy beds and even a “troll’s house” – well, that’s what I call it at least.  We were playing for over an hour.  I was happily surprised at how many opportunities I had to take this lovely family’s photo and even happier with the final results.

As I picked up the final images from my printer I had to brag a bit about how great these kids were.  I was gently reminded that behind every great kid is a great parent.  True statement!!

Stewart Family Blog Collage

Pregnancy and Canine Kids

For those of you who are moms or dads to a four legged baby (or two!), you’ll understand the bond we share with our furry babies.  They love us unconditionally and I tend to love mine back just the same.  So he makes a mess when chewing up a new toy or digs up a newly planted flower because he thought his ball was hiding under there.  I find my “puppy” to be entertaining, loving and a great friend.  So when I get a call to photograph a family with EVERYONE  included – two legged AND four legged – I am thrilled!


So, when Korey and Elynne called for a maternity shoot I was so excited to see Clifford, a two year old Boston Terrier, would be included in our shoot.  Clifford has been the center of attention at home but will soon have a human baby brother and will have to share the attention.  I don’t think he’s particularly happy about it but I think he’ll be a great big brother.


Korey and Elynne were game to capture this moment in time before their new baby is born.  Clifford was more interested in the treats we were using to bribe him to pose for me!  I’m excited to meet his new baby next month and hope that Clifford is as excited to meet him as the rest of us!

High School Seniors RULE!

Is it acceptable to absolutely LOVE what you do or is it weird?  Every time I drive away from a high school senior shoot I leave with a huge smile, often a little giggle.  These young adults are so much fun to work with and to learn from.  They keep me young and for that I am very grateful!

On a recent shoot with Morgan, I was closing the trunk of my car when I heard her ask her mom, “Did you bring the bubbles?”  BUBBLES?!  I LOVE BUBBLES!!  I immediately got very excited – maybe to the point of being a little weird.  Thank goodness, most of my clients appreciate my weirdness and understand we are about to have a really fun hour together.

Sure enough, after walking around the Botanical Gardens finding several great spots for shots and a few clothing changes behind a makeshift dressing room (her mom and me holding up a blanket!) out came the bubbles!  I love how such a simple item can bring such joy to babies, toddlers, high school seniors and ME!

Sound of Music Fan


Salzburg, Austria


Last week, like many people around the country, I was all giddy waiting for Diane Sawyer’s interview with Julie Andrews discussing the making of the movie The Sound of Music.  I’ve always enjoyed the movie but in October of 2013 my husband and I had the pleasure of touring parts of Europe where this beloved movie was filmed.  Ever since, I’ve had a renewed appreciation for it.  Watching Julie Andrews and the children skip around the fountain in the Salzburg Gardens, marching around the “little people” statues in another area of the gardens, then Julie hitting that beautiful high note as they all excited the gardens through the iron gates just brought back so many great memories of our trip.

Although we saw the magnificent alps depicted in the movie, we learned that the true Von Trapp family never escaped Austria by climbing those high mountains.  They actually took the train!  We also viewed the gorgeous home, now a school of all things, used in the film as the Von Trapp home.  It sits on the most gorgeous river which, many recall, Julie and the children boated on.  They also fell into it which looked very cold!  And my husband and I shared our own “romantic moment” in front of the famous gazebo right before we headed off to see the gorgeous church the Von Trapp’s were married in.

So, for Mother’s Day I am requesting the 50th Anniversary DVD of The Sound of Music so I can relive these moments over and over again!  And,thanks to my dear husband for indulging me!






Event Photography Captures Great Moments

2014  Balloon Proposal

2014 Balloon Proposal

A few months ago I got a text from a friend.  Her brother was about to propose to his girlfriend of 11 years while enjoying a hot air balloon flight.  His girlfriend had no idea what was about to happen and my friend was hoping I was available to photograph the event.  Not wanting to miss such a fun surprise, I quickly rearranged my schedule and arrived at the balloon company posing as a newspaper photographer.  Neither my friends’ brother or his girlfriend suspected a thing!


2014  Balloon Proposal

2014 Balloon Proposal

Event Photography - Jeanette Eggerman Photography

2014 Balloon Proposal

Unfortunately, Mother Nature had other ideas and we spent the next two hours waiting for the wind to die down.  Luckily, the balloon pilot and ground crew decided they would give it a try and they started to inflate the balloon.









Jeanette Eggerman Photography Event Photography Bothell

Away We Go

As the balloon floated up into a late autumn sky I was delighted to capture a few interesting shots with the balloon flying towards the moon,

2014  Balloon Proposal

2014 Balloon Proposal

the flame heating up the balloon to gently guide it along and, at the end, a happy engaged couple!

2014  Balloon Proposal

“We’re engaged!”


2014  Balloon Proposal

“I can’t believe this is happening!”


2014  Balloon Proposal



Rumor has it they plan a Carnival Themed Wedding this summer.  Now, how fun would THAT be to photograph!!

2014  Balloon Proposal